What should be assessed in health insurance?

  • There are other concepts beyond the grace period or copayments
  • To make a situation study as complete as possible, it is worth analyzing what each insurer offers in-depth
  • It is convenient to know terms such as the indisputability clause, the life character or to know if there is geographical mobility

When hiring health insurance, there are many terms to understand and many factors to study carefully. The user must be informed about concepts such as the period of lack, the copayment or the reimbursement, in addition to keeping in mind the types of policy or the influence of the age or place of residence on the final price.

Yes, it is a difficult process that can be further complicated when other factors, such as the life of the contract, begin to be valued. Therefore, this guide seeks to avoid the user more problems besides those of health. As? Clarifying those aspects and answering those questions that go beyond the general information.

What doctors are in the box?

Many users consider this one of the most important points in health insurance. When studying the different offers, it is advisable to know the medical staff to know if the best professionals or if the insured’s reference are part of it. In this regard, attention should be paid to the presence of those who have been trained in the rarest specialties. Also, the level of doctors is a clear indicator of the quality of insurance.

Does it include dental insurance?

Some insurances have a big point in favor: the inclusion of the basic dental service. Depending on the insurance, the services will be more or less complete, but, normally, they take care of mouth cleaning or extractions, among other services.

Can the company cancel the policy?

It should be kept in mind that companies have a series of rights granted by law. One of them is the opposition to extend the contract of an insured, something that can be accepted if any of its users is more expensive than they anticipated. Therefore, the most advisable thing is that the health insurance includes a clause in which the insurer renounces that right or one in which it is specified that the contract is for life, provided that the user complies with the conditions of the contract.

The tests and specialties

Another key point is to have all the possible information about the different medical and surgical specialties that health insurance covers. To this, we must add the diagnostic tests to which the policy gives access.

Do you provide service abroad?

Most of the health insurance have coverage that protects the user when they are outside their country, but you have to make sure that this is the case. Also, there are people who, for different reasons, travel a lot abroad and have different needs. In this case, having a policy that can be used without copayments in any country is a point in favor.

Does it allow geographic mobility?

One of the points that must also be taken into account is geographical mobility. That is the possibility of going to any specialist regardless of where they are within the Spanish geography without limiting assistance or without implying a price increase.

The indisputability clause

Some health insurances have a clause known as indisputability and which can be accessed in two different ways: one year after signing the contract or when the new insured is included. Through it, the company would be responsible for covering a pre-existing illness as long as the insured did not know about it or did not intentionally omit it.

Do you have your centers?

Some insurers have their centers, something that becomes an advantage since they can offer an exclusive service to their clients. Also, if they have several specialties, they can attend the insured without having to move from one place to another. In other cases, they have established establishments in which their users receive preferential treatment.

And complimentary services?

It is important to know if medical services and dental insurance are accompanied by other supplements. There are insurances whose offer is wider than that of others and there are many users who positively value the presence of products linked to personal well-being or that are related to assisted reproduction, cosmetic or eye surgery. The reason is simple: they are not usually frequent.

Other extra services

To all this, we must add a series of details that are not essential but make one insurer earn points against another. When they have their own or concerted centers, beyond the medical staff, technologies or advances, it is worth checking aspects such as the conditions in which the facilities are located, their accessibility, if they have parking or if there is the possibility of having a bed for a companion in case of hospitalization.

Work or traffic accidents

In certain cases, health insurance has some exclusions. Occupational accidents and traffic accidents are a good example of this. Therefore, it should be taken into account if the policy would include the needs of the insured in any of these cases, especially in the face of rehabilitation and follow-up.


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