Medical insurance modalities


The insurance market puts at your disposal several types of Health insurance among which you can choose to adapt it to your specific case, yes, you should know that, along with other factors such as age and sex, the modality you hire will have a direct impact on the premium you will have to pay for the policy. But it not only influences the price, but also other aspects such as the doctors that you can go to, the cost or not of each consultation and other aspects. The different modalities are:

  • Medical staff
  • Reimbursement
  • Mixed
  • No hospitalization
  • Dental Insurance

Medical insurance

With the health insurance of medical staff, the insurer puts at your disposal a list of doctors and clinics that you can go to without any additional cost because they are arranged with the entity. That is to say if it includes general medicine you can choose a general practitioner from the chart and go as many times as you want during the year. You will not have to make any payments because the company takes care of the expenses.

This type of insurance allows you to access a large number of professionals nationwide, as well as different clinics and hospitals from which you can choose freely. In this way, you can select a specialist from the list of those who work with the insurer taking into account your preferences, proximity or quality of care.

However, since the doctors and centers you can go to are those arranged by your insurer, you may find that your lifelong doctor is not included in the chart. If you are already clear about which doctors you want to be treated, you can consult the medical chart of each insurer or ask which companies you work with and thus benefit from the advantages of Health insurance without giving up your specialist. Another option, in this case, is to contact another type of policy, such as a reimbursement or mixed policy.

With or without copayments

Within the health insurance of medical staff, you can choose between those who have co-payments or those who do not have them. That insurance has co-payments means that there is a collaboration between the insurer and the user when paying for services. That is, each pays a share.

In insurance with co-payment, you can choose between the professionals of the medical staff paying a part of the price of each consultation in exchange for a lower premium. It is a good option if you want to have a medical policy but your visits to the different doctors are not going to be excessive, since this way you get a better price on the insurance.


With medical reimbursement insurance, you can go to the doctor you want but assuming part of the cost. You go to the consultation, which you must pay personally, and then the company reimburses you a percentage of the total bill. The advantage is that you do not have to limit yourself to medical staff, but the percentage that will be reimbursed later by your insurer is usually between 75% and 100% (depending on the insurer), so you may not recover the entire amount.

In the case that you opt for this type of Health insurance, you must pay attention to the percentage of the cost of medical expenses that the company reimburses you, the times in which it does and the maximum amount that you are reimbursed.

Mixed Health Insurance: medical chart + reimbursement

If as you were reading you have thought that you are interested in both types because in some specialties it would be worth it with a medical chart, while in others you would need reimbursement because your doctor does not work with any insurer, then your Health insurance has to be mixed.

With this modality you can go to the centers agreed or choose another obtaining a percentage refund of the invoice, as it suits you on each occasion.

Dental Insurance

Oral health is also contemplated in traditional health insurance since it can include free dental services or discounts on different treatments. It is also possible to hire independent Dental insurance to access more complete services, surgeries, prostheses or correctors, among others, and thus obtain a more complete product.

To consider when choosing policy and insurance

When you take out health insurance you do it for a minimum of 12 months, so it is a decision that you should consider. The price, the specialists and the shortcomings and pre-existing are some of the factors that you should take into account when choosing which is the indicated insurer and what policy you want to hire.

Medical staff

One of the main points to consider is the medical chart that the insurer has in your area. The same doctor or hospital can work with several companies, however, some only conduct private consultations and specific hospital centers of an insurer. Before choosing the policy, make sure that you will be able to access good specialists and that you will not have to travel far from your home to do so. There is no use for medical insurance if in your area you cannot access any of the included ones, for example.


It also analyzes the coverages included. You can find everything from preventive consultations to care if any disease is detected. Also, they can include the latest technological advances, alternative medicine, psychological assistance, and many treatments.

Also, you should know that there are medical products of this type that exclude hospitalization in exchange for a better premium and allow you to enjoy health care through a medical chart with the agreed prices.


The price of health insurance depends on several factors, among which is your age, and that of those people you want to include in the policy, in addition to the place of residence and the modality you decide to hire. The premium you are going to pay is one of the points to which you have to pay attention, but, yes, without forgetting the others. And it will do you no good if trying to reduce the price you give up health coverage that you may need later.

One way to reduce the price, if you do not want to reduce the coverage included, is to choose modalities such as a medical chart, since the price is usually lower than the reimbursement. Within the medical staff, policies that have co-payments may have a lower price, but if you finally make a lot of use of their services it can be expensive.

On the other hand, if you include the whole family in the same health insurance you can get a better price, since, for example, the little ones in the house have a better price within their parents’ policy or they can even be insured for free. Be also attentive to the offers, but carefully reading the conditions to not sign something that you later regret. And as for the mode of payment, according to the company, you can do it monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, being able to enjoy a discount in the latter case.

Lacks and preexistence

2 important concepts that you should not forget when hiring health insurance are the so-called deficiencies and pre-existing ones.


The lack is the time you must wait from the moment you take out the Health insurance until you can access any of its benefits. This period does not apply to all coverages, but for some of the guarantees, you will have to wait. Benefits such as childbirth are often lacking in almost all policies, so the forecast is again the key.


On some occasions when you are going to contract policy of this type, the illnesses that you suffer from may be excluded from coverage, that is to say, the benefits derived from a pre-existence would not be covered. For example, a diabetic person who contracts for medical insurance would not have access to the treatments he needs related to his diabetes.

To reflect this preexistence, many insurers ask you to complete a pre-subscription questionnaire, however, even if you choose not to do so, you should inform your company of your medical history.

Hire your health insurance

Signing medical insurance can guarantee your peace of mind and that of yours by knowing that you have at your disposal a wide range of professionals and hospital centers where you can receive private health care. However, you should pay close attention when hiring it. Make sure that the coverages included are going to cover your real needs, compare the different policies and their prices and hire the one that best suits you.

If you want to find the best health insurance without having to spend endless time, comparators are the solution. Rastreator helps you decide in a few minutes by showing you the different available policies as well as their coverages and prices so that the choice is easier and you can enjoy as soon as possible the health care you need.


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